Shri Shri Thakur Anukul Chandra Ji (1888-1969)
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Religions there are many, but the principles and the practices thereof are ever the same.

The desire for the good of others is the mother of one’s own good

Love is an enchanting charm, life effulges out of it,
unifying the equipments of existence

That which being opposed tries to establish itself, is the (false, ego) self;
to make the ego stiff is not to know others;
to be displeased means to be scattered;
be keen but calm, you will feel everything.

The more rigid the ego, the greater the ignorance. 
The lighter the pride, the brighter the knowledge.

Contraction is dejection; expansion is delight.

Never speak ill of others,
but indulge in no untruth.

First embrace him with whom you are angry,
invite him to eat in your own home,
send gifts, and until you can speak
to him with an open heart, pray
with repentance for his good to God;
for from hatred you will gradually
become narrow, and narrowness is sin.

Give, but hope not for any return. 
For anything received,  try to reciprocate.

The deeper you dive, the more unrecognizable you are.

Pursue only that whim which follows conscience—you must achieve bliss.

Give your heart, you need never retreat.

To forbear does not mean to retreat, but to embrace with love.

Be careful!   Do not suppress narrowness or sin. 
If you do, it will increase gradually and quickly lead you to extreme degradation.

Give, but with humbleness and without expectation.   Let the door of kindness in your heart be open. 
Encourage, console, and sympathize with him to whom you give, feeling his grief. 
Don’t refuse anyone who wants.   Money, sympathy, encouragement, consolation, or sweet words:
give any you can.   The heart will become soft.

If neither joy nor sorrow hinders your movement,
you shall without doubt reach your goal.

Forgive, but do not harm by indulging. 

Love, but be not addicted.

Be immersed in enlivening thoughts; enlivening deeds will be your helpers,
and your surroundings, being enlivened, shall surely always save you.

As is the Ideal in whom you place faith, so will your nature be formed
and your vision too will be like that.

The mind becomes narrow when it moves to the narrow;
when it moves to the expansive, it expands. 
So, when it goes to a devotee, it broadens, and as much broadness
as there is, so much peace there is.

A man with counterfeit devotion cannot take advice. 
Adviser-like, he can only give advice. 
So  if someone advises him, signs of irritation,
aversion and shirking the company, appear clearly on his face. 
The man with real devotion is generally quite unwilling
to play the part of an adviser and signs of pleasure
blossom on his face if he gets advice.

There is nothing so fascinating as humility. 
What else is so attractive as love? 
There is no achievement greater than faith.

At first, give up your all for others.  Sell out your self at the feet of others.
Forget to reckon the faults of others as faults.   Be self-less in service. 
Then you are a leader; then you are the heart of your country, the king of your country. 
Give up self-praise, stake your everything for the good of others,
show them by doing what is blissful and true, and speak of that to others with love.

If you like to be beautiful, see beauty even in the ugly.

Never give up the craving for Union. 
Otherwise, the pang of separation will not be sweet,
and you will not be able to feel peace in distress.

To lose the heart
You have to give heart, darling.
First let the heart be stolen,
Then learn how to steal others.

Breed this habit in your very bones, to see good in everyone.
Follow without hesitation Him who is the possessor of love, you shall surely achieve your good;
follow only Him who tries by strength, skill and tact for the welfare of all beings, you shall surely achieve your good;
follow Him alone who never hurts anyone by word or deed, yet never indulges evil, you shall surely achieve your good.
Before all else, be daring, be sincere; then it is clear you have the right to enter the kingdom of heaven.

To the extent you are genuine Nature will honor you with endowments
and confer upon you her appropriate privileges.

That which, being opposed, want to establish itself, is self; to be displeased means to be scattered;
to make the ego stiff is not to know others; be keen but calm, you will feel everything.

Laugh at your own suffering, and weep for the grief of others.

Desire for the good of others is the mother of one's own good.

Once word and thought become alike the dirt cannot remain within, the hidden rubbish floats up in words.

Be selfish, but be intelligently selfish.

Deep faith can do anything. Believe! But beware that pride,
impatience or irritation do not come in. You shall achieve what you want.

Failure need not be weakness; to fail to try is weakness. 
If despite your all-out efforts you fail to succeed, no harm, don't stop,
that unblemished effort will carry you toward the goal.

He who believes in goodness becomes good.

When the ego dissolves, then and there, the soul becomes the possessor of all qualities - the Absolute.